It’s Monday, and I was just starting my usual Monday routine. Went to the gym, bought groceries and some baking stuff for the whole week, and fed the dogs too. All in all, a productive start of the weekly grind.

Got my usual cup of joe, and on to sending the plethora of emails to my clients that I desperately needed to make. And just like every Freelancer, you end up looking at random .s on the internet after you finish this morning ritual.

I stumbled upon a random picture in imgur of Palawan. A collection of islands in the middle of my country, the Philippines. It’s famous for it’s picturesque islands, and dusty white beaches.

This was 10:25am, and by 10:55am, I had a round trip ticket to Puerto Princesa, Palawan at 2:25PM.

Packed a couple pairs of clothes, and my trusty Macbook, and off I go.

I didn’t have any plans whatsoever on what to do when I got here. No hotel reservations, no tours, and no idea how to go about the city. Fortunately though, all knowing Google is there, and travel blogs by other nomads are a big help too.

I booked the famous Underground Cave, at sabang Palawan for Tuesday, and a boat ride tour of the islands on Wednesday. The sights we’re just plainly amazing. The local government did a wonderful job of preserving the local fauna and flora, and the tours went without a hitch.

A workation is not a workation if all you do is sight see, right? That’s why I do my work early in the morning before the tours, and when I get back at night. Beside the pool and on my laptop, with either a beer or coffee in hand. The hotel staff probably thought that I was this very lonely guy, since I was all alone for the whole 4 days while I was here.

Here I am, Thursday morning in the hotel lobby. Having the most average coffee, and driest toast in the whole island of Palawan, while writing this piece. Waiting for my flight at 4:10pm later today.

I guess my take away in all of this is: Working from home gives you the opportunity, and the leeway to take the time off that you desperately need. Without giving a two months heads up to your boss.