Freelancing, and why I chose it.

Working at home, in boxers. Nothing beats that.

A month ago, I had a pleasant reminder of why I prefer working for myself, instead of working for somebody and being an employee.

I was on a meeeting with a local business that needed a redesign for their 2009-made website. The CEO had contacted me through a colleague who is part of a designers group in my city, and we had already exchanged several emails at this point. So, when the scheduled time came, I drove to the business, and told the receptionist I was there to meet the CEO, and waited.

10 minutes later, a man walked in and invited me to his office. Without preamble, he asked me for my resume. I was suprised, and thought it odd that he would ask for my CV. I said that I didn’t bring one with me right now, but I can email it to him.

He had a surprised look, and said “Okay” in a monotone voice, and said : “So tell me about yourself”. The tone was a bit on the aggressive, and challenging side.

Granted, I only spoke with the CEO through a couple of emails, and I immediately understood the situation. I paused for a second, and then said. “I think you have me confused as someone else, I am here to help you with the redesign of your website”.

As soon as he heard what I said, his attitude changed entirely. He then offered his hand for a shake, and apologized to me, and said he thought that I was there for an interview. He then got up, and went to an office down the hall, and brought back the CEO.

The meeting with the CEO went very well, and we poured through the project for 2 hours. Talking about specs, aesthetics, goals, and new features that will help them in the long term. A day after I sent in my proposal, I got the project. We finished the project a week go with flying colors.

At my drive home that day, I had an epiphany. The reason why I love freelancing is because it lets you provide your clients with a service that makes their lives easier, which makes them grateful for your help.

Being part of Toptal UI designers group will open up more opportunities for me, and more people that I can potentially help with my skills.

Wish me luck!