Fewer Form Fields, and why less is more.

When creating landing pages, be it a Sign up page for your new web application, or a Landing page to provide leads to your Sales funnel. Naturally, business owners would want to ask a lot of relevant (or not so relevant) information from visitors.
This is the opposite case for users. You only have a few seconds of their attention to make them do what you want. Those precious seconds cannot be used by filling out 10 text fields and 2 textareas.

That’s why my job as a UI/UX Designer, is to consult with business owners of what their goals are, and find the best way to go about reaching that goal. Without annoying the user. Instead of asking everything in one go, you can split it up, and move them to a separate page

This graph by Dan Zarella demonstrates that as the number of text fields increase, the conversion rate decreases


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