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Design Practice

Here is a design that I recently finished. I wanted to create a design that showcases the multiple types of  […]

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Here is the fifth installment of my Buy & Sell Iphone App project. This time, the landing page for the […]

Sketch Meetup, and how to talk to clients.

Personal Talks

So, I recently got the opportunity to talk to local designers, developers and other freelancers in my City. After I […]

Buy and Sell Iphone App WIP 4 – User Interaction

Work In Progress

Here is the 4th post on my Buy and Sell iphone app that I’m working on. This time, showcasing the […]

What you will get

1. UX/UI audit

I will visually inspect your product’s interface for usability issues and areas for improvement. and rate how well your site or application adheres to best practices and user interface principles to make the findings actionable.

A thorough design review is especially useful if you're trying to decide on a new strategy for your user experience. Our independent position allows us to evaluate how your design works from a fresh perspective

2. Business model

New businesses should only invest in what works and find new ideas for what doesn’t. Business model validation helps you systematically reduce uncertainty in your business models and value propositions.

This iterative business model validation process treats your business ideas as assumptions that can be broken down into falsifiable hypotheses and tested, to identify their validity. In the process, you will also uncover what your customers care about, how your products and services can deliver value to them, and how you can bring these together into a successful business.

3. Design thinking facilitation

Design thinking is a structured process to design solutions for the complex problems businesses face today.

Understanding your customers’ thoughts, motivations, actions helps you to design better digital products, services and experiences. Today’s most successful and innovative organizations are focused on being customer-centric, and yours can be too.

In this process, we put customers at the heart of everything we do. We will expose you to a wide range of empathy-building activities, a field visit, journey mapping, personas, and insight frameworks.

4. UX training

You'll learn all about the stages of the product design process, discovery, design and evaluation, as well as the principles of user-centred design and the UX tools and techniques you can use.

  • UX research methods and planning
  • Prototyping
  • Data analysis
  • User experience basics
  • Visual design
  • Promoting UX across your organisation
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