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Client Showcase Design

CryptoCurrency Exchange Design

I recently got the opportunity to redesign a Cryptocurrency Exchange. Here is my version.  

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UX Journey

Intuitive and consistent design is a big aspect to my profession. I always try my best to use tried and tested UX methods when I am working on projects. Here are simple examples of what to do.

Why I transferred to Adobe XD from Photoshop. And why you should too.

UX Journey

For the past 6 years as a designer, and developer. I have always used Adobe Photoshop  when designing for fun, […]

UX Practices for an Ecommerce shop

UX Journey

One of the challenges in creating an ecommerce shop is how to convert visitors into potential customers. The best way […]

Leverage social proof instead of talking about yourself.

UX Journey

Social proof is one of biggest tool of persuasion that you can use. What your customers say about your product, […]

Fewer Form Fields, and why less is more.

UX Journey

When creating landing pages, be it a Sign up page for your new web application, or a Landing page to […]

Concise Copy beats verbose

UX Journey

Users want that information, fast. And you have to give it to them that way. This has been the rule […]

Recommend Products instead of showing them equally

UX Journey

Decision Paralysis  is a problem a lot of new users of your application encounter when they are in your Product page. […]

Recent Posts

Textured Ecommerce Design

Design Practice

Here is a design that I recently finished. I wanted to create a design that showcases the multiple types of  […]

Buy and Sell Iphone App WIP 5 – Landing Page design

Work In Progress

Here is the fifth installment of my Buy & Sell Iphone App project. This time, the landing page for the […]

Sketch Meetup, and how to talk to clients.

Personal Talks

So, I recently got the opportunity to talk to local designers, developers and other freelancers in my City. After I […]

Buy and Sell Iphone App WIP 4 – User Interaction

Work In Progress

Here is the 4th post on my Buy and Sell iphone app that I’m working on. This time, showcasing the […]

Buy and Sell Iphone App WIP 3

Work In Progress

Here is part 3 of my Buy and Sell UI/UX project. This time, the messaging pages, where users will try […]

Buy and Sell Iphone App WIP 2

Work In Progress

Here is the second set for the buy and sell application that I am working on. This time, the register, […]

Buy and Sell Iphone App WIP 1

Work In Progress

I am currently working on a new project. I was hired to redesign a buy and sell application, and these […]

Coinmall Bitcoin Market place

Client Showcase

Coinmall is a Digital Market Place where users can sell digital goods, in exchange for bitcoin.

AI backed logo maker website

Client Showcase

Here is a website that I recently worked with. Logomator is an AI backed logo developer, where users can choose […]

Tshirt Company Website

Client Showcase

Radchameleon is a local Tshirt Company that I recently worked with.

Stop Calling me Website.

Client Showcase

I got the chance to work on a website where users can contact a law firm that specializes in pursuing […]

Word to HTML redesign

Client Showcase

I recently got a chance to work on for a new UI that is more easy to the eyes, […]

Minimal Chatbox


I created a chatbox UI for fun.

Freelancing, and why I chose it.


A month ago, I had a pleasant reminder of why I prefer working for myself, instead of working for somebody […]


Client Showcase

Carrier Swap is a new Startup where users can choose their ISP’s and find the best plan that works for […]

Android O Icon

Freebie Logo Projects

Just a couple hours ago, Google announced Android O. Very excited about it, so I decided to create an icon […]

Minimalist Bitcoin Dashboard


I am big fan of bitcoin, and I thought that I would create a UI for a bitcoin application on […]

Newspaper Study Design


I wanted to create a design for a fictional Newspaper website. Cramming lots of text data into a cohesive design […]

Bread landing page

Design Logo Projects Work In Progress

Made this for fun, inspired by a local bakery. This is currently a work in progress

LectureBin Logo

Design Logo Projects

Here is a logo that I designed for a client. The project was for a website that saves up scholastic […]

AmazonWolf Logo

Client Showcase Design Logo Projects

Got an idea for a logo that has a wolf in it. Something simple, can work in black and white, […]

Spontaneous Workation to Palawan


It’s Monday, and I was just starting my usual Monday routine. Went to the gym, bought groceries and some baking […]


Client Showcase

I recently had the opportunity to work with to redesign their community page. Me being a sneakerhead my self. […]